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3 Simple Ways for Seniors to Live Longer

Everyone wants to live a longer, healthier life. And, of course, we want the people we love to live for as long as possible, too. Fortunately, there are lots of ways for older adults to add extra time to their lifespan, and many of them are pretty simple. In fact, here are 3 simple ways your aging relative can live longer.

#1: Eat More Produce

There’s no secret here—eating more fruits and vegetables provides the body with many of the nutrients it needs for good health. And, by adding more fruits and vegetables to meals, seniors can eat less of the foods that aren’t as good for them. But, here’s a secret you may not know. Frozen produce is just as good for older adults as fresh produce. They are also often less expensive and are certainly easier to cook with. Frozen produce is already cleaned, peeled, and ready to go, so it can be easier for your aging relative to use.

Whether it’s fresh or frozen, elderly care providers can make meals that include more fruits and vegetables. They can also wash and cut fresh fruits and vegetables, so they are readily available as a healthy snack.

#2: Keep a Positive Attitude About Age

Research indicates that just by staying positive about getting older, people can add up to 7.5 years to their lives. Maintaining a positive attitude affects how a person treats their body and improves the way they handle stress.

An elderly care provider can assist with keeping a positive attitude by reminding the older adult about all of the good things that come with getting older, like wisdom and more time for the activities they enjoy. In addition, having the help they need can make aging less worrisome, which can help your aging relative stay positive.

#3: Keep Enjoying Time with Friends

There’s a lot of research supporting the idea that staying socially connected improves health and increases longevity. As simple as it may seem to just spend time with friends, it’s not always that easy for older adults. They may have trouble getting out of the house because of mobility issues or having to give up driving.

Elderly care providers can assist your aging relative to get dressed and ready to go out. An elderly care provider can also drive them to a friend’s house or to a social gathering at a restaurant or elsewhere. In addition, if your loved one is connected to a place of worship, an elderly care provider can drive them to worship services where they can continue to spend around their church family.


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Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM

Administrator, Mercer/Burlington Division at Care Street Home Care
Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM, Care Street’s able administrator has more than 30 years of clinical experience in private practice and Skilled Nursing settings, with specific experience in clinical case management in Gerontology.

Dr. Shelly, as he is fondly known, has served as an Alzheimer’s Support Group Facilitator in Mercer County and is a Certified Dementia Instructor. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and unusually devoted, his guidance is crucial in helping families understand their options and render decisions for their loved ones’ care plan. Dr. Shelly’s extensive experience, sincere and pleasant demeanor, and professional affiliations have made him a vital asset to Care Street.