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Why Aren’t You Taking a Break?

Caregivers in Howell NJ: Why Aren't You Taking a Break?

Caregivers in Howell NJ: Why Aren’t You Taking a Break?

When caregivers get asked why they don’t take time away, they can get pretty creative with the excuses. Here are just some of the ones that you might be making as a caregiver.

It’s Worse than Just Soldiering Through

Some caregivers feel as if it’s much more difficult to get their aging adult ready for someone else to take over than it is to just keep going. Your elderly family member might be uncomfortable about you taking time away or there may be a lot that you need to update someone on when they take over. One way around this is to hire elder care providers to take over for you. You’ll know they can handle anything that pops up and you can enjoy your time away.

It’s All Fine

You might be telling anyone who will listen that it’s all fine, that you’re fine. To a certain extent, that might be accurate. You do have things under control, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use some time away. Even if everything is all great, you still need to look out for yourself.

It Upsets Your Aging Adult

Some aging adults can get very upset about the idea of family caregivers leaving, even for an hour or two. If that’s the case, then you may need to talk with your senior about the feelings behind the upset. In some cases, what you really need is to encourage your senior to accept the situation and to enjoy her time away from you.

There’s No One to Take Over

You may also be feeling as if there’s not anyone who can do what you do. That’s true, in a certain respect. No one can be you, but that doesn’t mean that no one can take care of your senior while you’re away. If there are no family members who want to fill in or who can fill in, then it’s a great idea to explore home care options.

You Feel Guilty During and Afterward

It’s really difficult to shake feelings of guilt if you’re somewhere other than with your aging adult. But you need to remember that you’re a person with your own life. If you spend every waking moment only taking care of your aging adult, you’re doing both of you a disservice.

You absolutely need to be able to take breaks occasionally for your own mental health. If you’re still not taking regular time away, write down your own reasons for not taking breaks and look at them with a stern eye. If it would come across as an excuse from someone else, you’re probably making an excuse, too.

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