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Is it Okay to Be Angry as a Caregiver?

Elder Care in Jackson NJ: Is it Okay to Be Angry as a Caregiver?

Elder Care in Jackson NJ: Is it Okay to Be Angry as a Caregiver?

No caregiver wants to admit that caregiving sometimes makes them feel angry. The key to solving this issue can be getting to your own root causes for the anger and finding ways to cope that help you quickly. Having a calmer caregiving experience helps both you and your aging adult.

Causes of Anger for Caregivers

Situational anger is definitely a thing. This involves things like mistakes or problems that you can’t fix or criticism from other people that isn’t fair. You might also get angry when you’re frustrated or when you’re not taking great care of yourself, such as when you haven’t been sleeping well. When you’re already on edge, something that wouldn’t have made you angry in the past could be a big trigger.

Why Anger Isn’t Helpful

Anger is a problem for you physically because it’s been linked to health issues. This is the case whether you’re openly angry or seething under the surface. It’s also a problem from the standpoint that your relationships with other people can become damaged by how you express your anger. You might also take out your feelings of anger on people who aren’t responsible for having created those feelings.

Recognizing Your Anger

Learning your own anger signs is important. For instance, if you start breathing heavier or you find your voice rising when you’re angry, those are some big signs. You might experience a racing heartbeat or find that you aren’t able to think as clearly. Start to pay close attention to what it looks and feels like when you’re getting angry.

Doing Something about Anger

As you get better about recognizing the signs of your anger, you may find that you’re able to take action much sooner in the process. For instance, when you realize that your breathing is getting shallower, you can start to take slightly deeper breaths to help yourself calm down. Look for ways to keep your cool that work for you. If you’re having a difficult time finding them on your own, consider working with a therapist who can give you tools you can put into action every day.

The trick isn’t necessarily to completely get rid of anger in your life. It’s more about learning how to find compromises and constructive ways to deal with your anger when it shows up. Anger can certainly be justified in certain situations, but if you express it poorly, you can really hurt the people you love the most.

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