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Digital Tools for Better Caregiving

Caregivers in Lakewood NJ: Digital Tools for Better Caregiving

Caregivers in Lakewood NJ: Digital Tools for Better Caregiving

Lives these days are busy. People divide their time between work, raising children, spending time with a spouse, seeing friends, and trying to squeeze in a little time to enjoy hobbies and activities. Time becomes even more stretched when you become a family caregiver for an elderly parent. You probably use technology in the various areas of your life to do things more efficiently and save time, but have you considered how technology can also help you be a better, more efficient caregiver? Here are some tips for using technology to make caregiving a little easier using devices you probably already own!

Make the Most of Your Computer
Got a laptop or personal computer? Put it to work for you by using it to keep caregiving notes, track health information, and create a schedule for all caregivers involved in taking care of your parents. You can also use your computer to stay connected with other caregivers and health care professionals via email. You can also use your computer to create important lists, like medication lists and lists of important contacts. Post these lists along with a caregiver schedule where they are easily visible to anyone who is caring for your parent.

In addition to some of the practical tasks of caregiving, you can also use your computer to maintain social connections that may suffer when your time is stretched thin by caregiving. Using social media lets you take a few moments out of your day to see what friends and family are up to and to share a quick update on your own life. You can also use your computer to engage in an online support group for caregivers.

Use Smart Phones and Tablets for Caregiving Apps
There are many apps designed to help caregivers stay organized. There are apps available that help organize information such as health care records, medications, and caregiving schedules. There are also apps that let caregivers provide updates to concerned friends and family without having to make individual calls or send individual emails.

Relax with Your MP3 Player
Load your MP3 player with relaxing music to help soothe you when caregiving gets stressful. Or, load it with upbeat music to give you a much-needed boost when they day gets rough. You can also put audiobooks on your MP3 player so that you can “read” while you take care of other tasks, like dishes or laundry. That way, you don’t have to give up reading because of time constraints!

Have Some Fun While Exercising
It’s hard to fit time for exercise in when your life is already busy. Since both you and your parent need physical activity, you might consider spending some of your caregiving time playing games with your parent on a video gaming console. There are games available on some consoles that promote physical activity and fitness that can be enjoyed by people of any age—including your parent! There are even games that seniors in wheelchairs can play that involve using the arms in ways that keep them moving.


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