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Great Ideas for Senior Book Lovers

Caregivers in Point Pleasant NJ: Great Ideas for Senior Book Lovers

Caregivers in Point Pleasant NJ: Great Ideas for Senior Book Lovers

C.S. Lewis expressed the joy that can be found in books when he wrote, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” There’s no doubt that reading is a real pleasure for many people. Seniors that have spent a lifetime reading may feel frustrated lately because their fading eyesight may make this once enjoyable activity a real challenge. Fortunately, there are several things that family caregivers can do to keep their elderly loved ones immersed in books without the struggle.

Here are 5 great ideas for senior book lovers:

1. Large Print Books

Weakened eyesight is no match for large print books that use a size 14 type or larger. Thousands of popular books come in a large print option for seniors, and many libraries have special sections dedicated to them. If local bookstores and libraries have large print books in short supply, there are many online bookstores and book publishers that feature these specialized reprints.

2. Reading Gadgets

The marketplace is full of gadgets that can help seniors with weak vision to continue reading their beloved books. Reading lights provide more contrast on the page while reading magnifiers enlarge the existing text to a comfortable size. Book stands are also available that fit over recliners and beds that combine both magnifiers and lights for easy reading.

3. Audio Books

Advances in technology have paved the way for compact listening devices that can hold an endless number of audio books. Seniors can continue to explore their favorite genre via audiobooks. Many libraries have books on CDs that can be checked out, or there are multiple online services that allow seniors to stream audiobooks. Family caregivers will probably have to set the service up and teach their elderly loved ones how to find the books they want. Of course, a comfortable headset or wireless speaker is a must.

4. Real Aloud Programs

Across the country there are many communities with read aloud programs designed to connect volunteers with seniors that want someone to come in and read to them. The organizations provide this service as a way to help brighten a senior’s day, especially those that are home bound or otherwise isolated. Seniors can schedule a set time each week for a visit. Family caregivers should look into read aloud programs in their city.

5. Electronic Readers

Family caregivers can put the paperbacks away and get their elderly loved ones an electronic reader or tablet for reading. The illuminated screens and adjustable font sizes make it easy to customize the reading experience. Electronic readers are especially comfortable to hold instead of a bulky book, and there is an endless supply of books available without physically going to a bookstore or library. For many seniors, electronic readers are a wonderful option for the elderly who want to keep reading.

There are a number of reasons that seniors find it too challenging to keep reading. However, it’s worth it to make any adjustments necessary to help them because it helps them relax, keep up on current events, stay mentally alert, and just enjoy themselves. When implemented, these ideas can give
seniors a lot of options to continue reading.

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