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5 Hobbies to Keep Your Senior Active

Caregivers in Whiting NJ: 5 Hobbies to Keep Your Senior Active

Caregivers in Whiting NJ: 5 Hobbies to Keep Your Senior Active

Research shows that having a hobby later in life can help older adults to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. In fact, studies indicate that hobbies can even help them to live longer. If your parent doesn’t currently have a hobby to fill their spare time and give them something to look forward to, you may want to encourage them to take one up. At a loss for a hobby your parent might be interested in? Here are a few ideas to suggest to them.


Your parent doesn’t have to be the next Vincent Van Gogh to enjoy creating art. Art is an excellent way to express creativity and emotion. There are plenty of online tutorials and classes your parent can try out. But, to make the hobby a social one, they may want to take a class at a local art studio or community college.


Collecting a favorite item can be rewarding and something like being on a continuous treasure hunt. The item they choose to collect can be nearly anything that strikes their interest, such as coins, postage stamps, or even old campaign buttons. The collectibles don’t need to have monetary value, they just need to be something your parent enjoys.

Playing Cards

There are scores of card games that older adults can learn to play. There are even some they can play on their own. However, playing cards is definitely more fun with others. Your parent can join a local card club or start one of their own.


Even if your parent already knows how to cook, learning new techniques can be a lot of fun. Cooking classes may be offered by a number of organizations in their community, and some classes may even be free. For example, hospitals sometimes offer free healthy cooking classes. And, cooking can be a social hobby since food is more fun when it’s shared with good friends and family.


Dancing is an excellent way for seniors to enjoy a hobby and get in some exercise. It’s also a great way for your parent to meet some new people. Many communities have dance schools that offer classes in ballroom dancing, but your parent might enjoy learning something entirely new, like tap or jazz!

A professional in-home caregiver can help your parent to get started in a hobby. A caregiver can drive them to a store to pick up supplies. Caregivers can also assist with things that might be difficult because of poor eyesight or manual dexterity. In addition, having a caregiver gives your parent someone to talk to about their hobby and to show off their work to.



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