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What Can You Do about Stress as a Trigger for High Blood Pressure?

Elder Care in Howell NJ: What Can You Do about Stress as a Trigger for High Blood Pressure?Stress does a lot of things to the human body and only a few of them are positive. If your senior already has high blood pressure, then stress is likely to be one of the triggers that causes her blood pressure to rise. Doing something about that is more possible than you might think.

Identify Stress Triggers

Certain situations are just naturally stressful for your senior. When you can identify those triggers, you can do a better job of either avoiding them or helping your senior to manage her feelings around those situations. Some triggers might be dealing with health issues, family dynamics, or even just feeling stressed about issues related to aging. Sit down with your elderly family member and ask her what she feels stresses her the most.

Solve What You Can Solve

Some of the issues that stress your senior the most are ones that you can do something about. For instance, if driving causes her stress, consider hiring elder care providers to do the driving so she doesn’t have to. If cooking and cleaning up the house is becoming stressful for her, elder care providers can tackle those tasks for her, too. Put solutions wherever you can and even the problems you can’t solve may feel less stressful for your senior.

What Relaxes Your Senior?

You’ve determined what stresses your senior now, now it’s time to determine what she’s finding relaxing these days. She might find it relaxing to knit or to do another form of crafting. Or possibly she enjoys watching her favorite television program or listening to podcasts. Whatever it is that your senior finds relaxing and enjoyable is something that she needs to do more of and more regularly.

Make a Plan and Put it Into Practice

All of the information that you’re gathering allows you to put together a stress-reduction plan for your elderly family member. It’s vital that you think of all of these pieces as one plan because they’re going to all work together to give her results. Work the plan in order to see those results take shape. Monitor the plan regularly, too, in order to make sure that the pieces you’ve assembled are still working for your senior.

These solutions themselves won’t completely lower your elderly family member’s blood pressure. But along with medication and other treatments recommended by your senior’s doctor they can help her more than she might think possible.

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Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM

Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM, Care Street’s able administrator has more than 30 years of clinical experience in private practice and Skilled Nursing settings, with specific experience in clinical case management in Gerontology.

Dr. Shelly, as he is fondly known, has served as an Alzheimer’s Support Group Facilitator in Mercer County and is a Certified Dementia Instructor. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and unusually devoted, his guidance is crucial in helping families understand their options and render decisions for their loved ones’ care plan. Dr. Shelly’s extensive experience, sincere and pleasant demeanor, and professional affiliations have made him a vital asset to Care Street.