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Why Is Your Senior’s Doctor Recommending Exercise for Her Arthritis?

Elderly Care in Howell NJ: Why Is Your Senior’s Doctor Recommending Exercise for Her Arthritis?

Exercise is something that your elderly family member’s doctor might recommend right after diagnosing her with arthritis. It might seem like an odd recommendation, especially if your senior is experiencing a lot of pain. But exercise might be the best solution for her.

Moving Her Joints Helps to Relieve Pain

Believe it or not, moving joints that are arthritic helps to relieve the pain a bit. At first it might not seem to do much more than cause pain, but that lessens. Moving joints helps to loosen up the muscles and ligaments around them and causes the joints to release synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint and helps it to move more easily.

Exercise Strengthens Her Muscles

Regular exercise helps to strengthen your senior’s muscles. This is crucial because her muscles support how well her joints move. Strong muscles make a big difference. She should start slowly with exercise in order to allow her muscles to build up over time.

Her Energy Levels Can Improve

Your elderly family member’s energy levels will improve as she moves a little more, too. Her body was designed to move and when it’s able to do so, it releases hormones that help her to feel better. She’ll also sleep better at night, which boosts her energy in other ways.

Her Weight Might Go Down

If your senior’s lower body is where she experiences the worst of her arthritis pain, even a little bit of extra weight puts more stress and strain on those joints. Exercise can help her to strengthen her muscles, but she might also lose a little bit of weight which can reduce the strain on lower body joints.

She Can Boost Her Mood and Her Self-confidence

As your elderly family member is better able to move and as she makes strides toward her exercise goals, she’s going to naturally become more self-confident. This new self-confidence can feel really good, as can her improved overall mood. From there, your elderly family member may find that her outlook on other situations improves, too.

When you and your senior understand and can see the benefits that exercise can bring to her in dealing with her arthritis issues, she may be far more willing to develop a plan. Elderly care providers can help your senior with the practical aspects of exercising, especially if she needs a ride to the gym or help with tasks that free her schedule to focus on exercising.

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