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Your Senior Needs More Help. Now What?

Elder Care in Howell NJ: Your Senior Needs More Help. Now What?

At some point you’re going to notice that your aging adult needs more help than she used to need. She may not be asking for help, as such, but different clues have become apparent. So how can you talk about it?

Ask Instead of Telling

At a certain point, you might find that it’s easier to just tell your senior what you’d like her to do or what you think she should be doing. But it’s more important to stop and ask her what she thinks needs to happen. This does a few things. First, you’re displaying respect for her. Second, you’re giving her a chance to share her thoughts and feelings about the situation. Finally, you get a sense of whether there might be a middle ground.

Use a Light Approach

It’s absolutely vital that you listen carefully to what your elderly family member is telling you. No matter what else is going on with your senior, you need to listen with an open mind. This is going to allow you to build a trusting relationship with her that you can grow as her need for care also grows.

Offer Solutions

Once you know how your elderly family member is feeling about her situation, you can start to look for solutions. She might welcome some more help with housework, for instance. Or she might agree that having someone to help prepare meals or simply spend time with her. If she’s having trouble driving, elder care providers can take over the driving for her. There are solutions for what she is truly struggling with right now.

Remember This Is a Difficult Time

One thing you need to remember at all times in this conversation is that this is difficult for your elderly family member. She may have been on her own and doing quite well for a long time. So to admit now that she needs more help than she’s needed in the past can be incredibly troubling. Be gentle and proceed lovingly. Your patience will definitely be rewarded as you and she work together to find the right combination of help for her.

How you approach this situation can make a big difference in how your elderly family member responds to the entire conversation. If you don’t make any headway the first time you talk, don’t worry. Try again a little while later. You can still get to some solutions, but you’ll need to be gentle with your elderly family member in the process.

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