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Watch Out for Winter Weather Slip and Fall Accidents

Elder Care in Jackson NJ: Watch Out for Winter Weather Slip and Fall Accidents

Elder Care in Jackson NJ: Watch Out for Winter Weather Slip and Fall Accidents

You have a lot to do to keep your elderly mom or dad safe and healthy. They rely on you for a lot of things as they deal with chronic illness, injuries and the effects of old age. One area of safety and prevention that is easy to overlook is the increased risk of slip and fall accidents once winter weather arrives. Seniors are at a much higher risk of getting serious injuries from a slip and fall accident. It’s important that you and their elder care provider do everything possible to help them avoid it.

Winter Slip and Fall Accidents are Quite Common

The increase of ice and snow on the ground is the main reason why slip and fall accidents increase for seniors during winter months. Elderly adults often struggle with maintaining balance, staying steady on their feet and dealing with lightheadedness and vertigo. Their reflexes are slower as well, making it more difficult for them to recover if they do start to slip. Winter shoes and clothing are also more cumbersome, interfering with natural movements. All this leads to an increased chance for a slip and fall accident.

When an elderly person experiences a fall, they are also more likely to be injured. It’s common for seniors to suffer from scrapes, bruises, concussions, torn muscles, or broken bones after a particularly hard fall. Such devastating injuries lead to long recovery times for seniors as they struggle to heal. Because many winter slip and fall accidents can be prevented, you and their elder care provider need to work together in keeping them safe.

5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

If you live in a cold-weather climate, you are probably familiar with how ice and snow affect sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, stairs and other pathways. It’s also easy to forget about how people can track in slush and snow that creates slippery spots on indoor flooring. If you don’t want your elderly parent to end up in the emergency room due to injuries, follow these 5 tips:

  • Choose pathways that are properly treated with ice melt and have been cleared of snow for the most stable footing.
  • Ensure the aging adult is wearing sturdy shoes with non-slip soles, yet not too heavy or restrictive.
  • Set out large floor mats near exterior doors to catch moisture and absorb slush from shoes.
  • Make it a habit for seniors to use a walker with heavy-duty rubberized tips when going outside.
  • Always have a family member or elder care provider accompany the aging adult when they are outside.

Winter weather is a big factor in causing slip and fall accidents due to the ice and snow and what that means to seniors who are not steady on their feet. When you and the elder care provider invest in a little extra preparation and planning, you can greatly reduce their chances of an accident.

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