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Remember, It’s the Alzheimer’s Talking

Elder Care in Wall NJ: Remember, It's the Alzheimer's Talking

Elder Care in Wall NJ: Remember, It’s the Alzheimer’s Talking

One of the hardest things about Alzheimer’s is that your mom or dad may say things to you that hurt. Your mom may yell at you for telling her she’s already fed the cat. Your dad may get upset when you say he can’t drive anymore. No matter what triggers your parent’s angry words, you have to remember that it’s the Alzheimer’s talking.

The biggest rule in dealing with the aggression and anger that some experience as Alzheimer’s progression is to remain calm. Stay positive and don’t let cruel words get to you. It’s easier said than done, sure, but it’s also important. Here are tips on handling the anger that comes with Alzheimer’s.

Pinpoint What Triggered the Outburst

Many times pain and fear trigger the angry outbursts an Alzheimer’s patient has. Check to make sure your mom or dad isn’t in pain. It could be something as simple as a headache that’s triggering the outburst. If that’s not the case, it could be something that just happened that upset your parent.

It can also be frustration with the disease itself. Your mom or dad may simply be upset that it’s harder to remember why medications are necessary, when a pet was fed, or why a caregiver is needed every day. Once you understand what caused the outburst, try to avoid that situation in the future.

Save Discussions for Certain Times of the Day

When does your parent seem at his or her best? Is it right after breakfast, after going for a walk, or right after getting up in the morning? Save important discussions for the time of the day when your mom or dad seems to be in the best frame of mind.

Use a Dry Erase Board for Reminders and To-Do Lists

Have a chart set up on a dry erase board. As your mom or dad completes a task, show how to check it off. If your parent gets the function of the board down, there will be a reminder on what tasks have been completed for the day. That can help ease some confusion.

As your mom or dad’s Alzheimer’s progresses, there will come a time when you need help. An elder care service has professional caregivers who are trained to help you. Your mom or dad is safe in the hands of an expert. As a result, you’ll have free time to concentrate on your own needs. Spend time with your parent doing fun activities and let the elder care specialist assist with meals, laundry, housework, and grooming.

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