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Could Your Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease be Suffering from Depression?

Elderly Care in Brick NJ: What Do You Need to Know about Your Senior's Medications to Reduce Fall Risk?

Elderly Care in Brick NJ: What Do You Need to Know about Your Senior’s Medications to Reduce Fall Risk?

Depression is not uncommon among elderly adults. In fact, this is a frequent issue for those who live alone, deal with health issues, or have recently lost their partner or other loved one. It is also a common challenge among those living with Alzheimer’s disease. Experts estimate that around 40 percent of those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease will experience a significant level of depression at some point in the progression of their disease. As a family caregiver, it is important to understand that Alzheimer’s disease can make it more difficult to detect depression as many of the symptoms mimic those already present in the disease. Paying careful attention to your senior’s behavior and functioning can allow you to detect when your senior may be suffering from depression so you can take the meaningful steps to help them cope effectively, and move forward in a healthier way.

Some signs that may indicate your aging loved one with Alzheimer’s disease could be suffering from depression include:

  • Withdrawal from others and not wanting to participate in social events
  • Isolating themselves
  • Apathy toward others and what is happening around them
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased challenges with cognitive processing
  • Loss of interest in things they once enjoyed, such as activities, hobbies, and volunteer responsibilities

A senior struggling with depression is less likely to take care of themselves physically, or follow through with treatments and guidelines for managing their Alzheimer’s disease. Helping your parent cope effectively with their depression is an important part of helping them enjoy better health and a higher quality of life as they progress through the disease, and as they age in place.

Most elderly adults have a personal goal of staying in their own home during their aging years. As their family caregiver, you may worry their challenges and limitations can keep them from achieving this goal. Fortunately, elderly care can help. An elderly home care services provider can step in to provide a wide range of services specifically designed with your parent’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations in mind. This means they can help your parent, and you, manage needs in the ways that are right for your parent while also providing for flexibility in your schedule, and promoting as much independence and autonomy as possible for your aging parent. This relieves stress, supports mental and emotional health, and encourages the highest quality of life possible as your parent ages in place.

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