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Elderly Care Fun: Enjoying Birdwatching with Your Seniors

Elderly Care in Lakewood NJ

Elderly Care in Lakewood NJFinding activities that you and your aging parents enjoy doing together is a wonderful way to enhance your elderly care journey with them and boost your care efforts, including supporting their mental and emotional health, improving your relationship, increasing the trust, compliance, and willingness in your relationship, and make memories that will last you well into the future even after your elderly care journey with them comes to an end.

One fabulous activity that you and your seniors can enjoy together throughout the year, but that is particular fun to start during the winter months, is birdwatching. Spending time together observing the feathered friends that visit your seniors’ yard can boost their mental and emotional health, encourage mental stimulation and learning, and help them to feel more connected to the world around them. Doing it together means that you can add structured quality time to your routine that will ensure you always have some quiet conversation, sharing, and memory-making no matter what else is going on in your day.
Use these tips to make birdwatching a fun and beneficial part of your elderly care routine with your aging loved ones:

• Research your area. Before you get started on your birdwatching efforts, do some research about your area to find out what types of birds are common during the winter months. These might not be the same as they may be during the spring and summer, so make sure that you are checking about this specific time of year so you know what to look for, and what to feed them. This is a great mentally stimulating activity for them to do with you or with their home care provider.

• Stock up on food. Birds learn about reliable food sources quickly, so make sure that your parents are always stocked with the food that the birds in their area really enjoy so that they can replenish the food stores for the birds regularly. Look for premixed wild bird seed in gardening or outdoor stores or in the outdoor section of your favorite big box store. You can also lure even more birds by making homemade suet that offers the extra fat and calories these birds need to stay warm and energetic throughout the winter.

• Offer water. When the weather is so cold that water freezes over, birds might have a difficult time staying hydrated. Offer fresh water regularly to help lure them even more. Fill a bowl with hot water before putting it out to keep it liquid for longer, and then replace it when it freezes over.

• Watch and enjoy. The best part about birdwatching is the watching. One you and your parents have found the perfect spot to put your birdfeeder, or even just a plate or dish full of seed, grab your favorite snack and warm beverage, cuddle up in blankets, and watch. Take pictures of the birds who visit so that you can look up what they are and start to track the ones that return regularly. You may just find that you make some feathered friends that learn your pattern and start coming and visiting you even before you get the food out for the day. Once the weather warms up, do not forget to repeat the process so you can find out what types of birds like to visit during the warm seasons so you can keep your birdwatching routine throughout the year. You can even get used to the species and start looking out for them when you are on walks together.

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Judah Schuster, LNHA

Administrator, Ocean/Monmouth Division at Care Street Home Care
Judah is the administrator of Care Street Home Care Agency servicing central and northern NJ. Care Street provides unique staffing options to allow seniors to age in place- in the comfort of their own home. Judah, who is a certified Dementia instructor, has provided Dementia training to hundreds of families, facilities and clinical staff over the last 3 years. He personally ensures that every employee of Care Street is proficient in Dementia care prior to being hired. This provides piece of mind for families who want to ensure that their loved one with Dementia is being cared for by the most experienced staff.

Prior to assuming his current position, Judah served as assistant administrator at Atlantic Coast Rehab (Lakewood, NJ) as well as Hunterdon Care Center (Flemington, NJ)