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What Can You Do if You and Your Senior Don’t See Eye to Eye?

Elderly Care in Manalapan NJ: What Can You Do if You and Your Senior Don’t See Eye to Eye?

No matter how much you and your aging adult love and respect each other, there are going to be times that you don’t see a particular situation from the same perspective. You might be simply disagreeing or you might get to the point where you’re fighting all the time. It’s important to find a solution.

Talk about Why There’s a Difference of Opinion

It’s possible that you and your elderly family member just aren’t seeing the situation from each other’s point of view. In fact, your differences might be closer to agreements than you think. Try talking with your elderly family member about why she’s feeling the way that she is and offer up your own explanations. It’s possible that you’ve got a misunderstanding that has gotten out of hand.

Lay Out the Facts

In some situations, you might need to share some facts with your elderly family member. Perhaps her doctor has let her know that something needs to change or she’s not able to keep up with tasks she used to do on her own. No matter what the dilemma is, sometimes gently and lovingly sharing the facts of the matter can make a huge difference.

Determine if There’s a Compromise

If there is a compromise available in the situation, make sure that you and your elderly family member talk about it. She might need to stop driving, for instance, but you could have elderly care providers lined up to do the driving for her. Ideally, the compromise is going to be one that enables your senior to feel empowered and yet still feel safe.

Step Back a Little Bit

Sometimes relationships between aging adults and family caregivers can become strained not because there’s a genuine gap in how you’re each perceiving the situation, but because you’re spending so very much time with each other. It might benefit both you and your aging adult for you to take some time away from caregiving more often. An afternoon here and there in which you’re able to spend time caring for just yourself can also be refreshing for your senior.

You and your aging family member don’t have to agree on every single issue related to her care, but it does help if you can understand each other. Taking the time to find the right solution helps your senior to know that you respect her opinion and that you care about her safety and well-being.

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