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Helping a Loved One with Dementia Communicate with Others

Elderly Care in Manchester NJ: Helping a Loved One with Dementia Communicate with Others

Elderly Care in Manchester NJ: Helping a Loved One with Dementia Communicate with Others

Communication can be especially difficult for a loved one who has dementia. There are your loved one’s limitations at play here, but there are also the limitations of the people who are trying to communicate with her. Since you’re the liaison for your loved one with other people, you’re going to need to learn techniques that help your loved one and other people.

Keep the Focus on Positivity

Your loved one is going to find it easier to engage with others if the atmosphere is a positive one. As such, it’s up to you to help keep the focus on positivity as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be difficult conversations, especially with her doctor, but you can help to make the experience itself as positive as possible.

Reassure Your Loved One

Some conversations might indeed be confusing for your loved one, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand the gist. It also doesn’t mean that your loved one doesn’t understand the attitude that someone else might be displaying toward her. Let your loved one know that you’re there with her and that you’re helping her get through this.

Remind Other People to Talk Directly to Your Loved One

When you do run across people who talk about your loved one as if she isn’t even there, remind them gently that your loved one is right there. Some people don’t realize that they’re even doing this. They may not mean for it to be rude, but they’re not sure how to talk to your loved one properly. Practice can help, but your loved one may also encounter people who do this in one off situations.

Look to Elderly Care Providers for Help, Too

Your loved one’s elderly care providers can help you learn how to facilitate these conversations with your loved one and other people. They’ve got plenty of experience helping loved ones do just this kind of thing every day. Your loved one may learn techniques that make it easier for her to share information with you, too.

As your loved one feels more at ease communicating with others, she may feel less self-conscious, too.

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