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Four Reasons Home Care Might Be an Excellent Choice

Four Reasons Home Care Might Be an Excellent ChoiceNo matter how badly you want to handle every single task for your senior, that might not be possible. Even if you didn’t take any breaks at all, you and your elderly family member still need an extra helping hand now and again.

Overall Safety and Support

Senior care providers understand the various safety hazards that face your elderly family member. They know what to watch for and what to pay particular attention to. Your elderly family member might forget to check for obstacles, for instance, but having someone else there ensures that she’s less likely to trip over clutter. General safety might also cover transportation needs, especially if it’s not safe for your elderly family member to drive any longer.

Companionship and Emotional Support

Beyond physical safety and support, your aging family member might miss having some companionship, especially if it’s difficult for her to get out and about. Having someone around who is able to spend time talking to her and engaging with her can have a tremendously positive impact on your elderly family member.

Housekeeping Tasks

Keeping up with housekeeping is much more difficult as your senior’s health and stamina change for the worse. She may not be able to keep her home the way she’s always wanted it, but that doesn’t mean she should have to go with things left undone. Depending on your own situation, it might be difficult for you to handle those tasks for her. Having someone else come in and take care of them makes sense for everyone involved.

Personal Care

Something your elderly family member might be really uncomfortable talking to you about can be personal care. This involves bathing, brushing her teeth, and getting dressed, among other tasks. At some point these tasks can become incredibly difficult and even dangerous for your senior to handle on her own. But they’re essential tasks that need to be done both for comfort and for hygiene purposes. Your elderly family member might be less comfortable with you helping than with someone she doesn’t know well assisting her with these types of tasks.

Senior care providers might some days do a lot for your elderly family member and on other days, tackle fewer tasks. It all depends on what your senior needs and when she needs it. As her needs evolve, they can ensure that both of you have what you need to support her.

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Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM

Dr. Shelly Chinkes, DPM, Care Street’s able administrator has more than 30 years of clinical experience in private practice and Skilled Nursing settings, with specific experience in clinical case management in Gerontology.

Dr. Shelly, as he is fondly known, has served as an Alzheimer’s Support Group Facilitator in Mercer County and is a Certified Dementia Instructor. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and unusually devoted, his guidance is crucial in helping families understand their options and render decisions for their loved ones’ care plan. Dr. Shelly’s extensive experience, sincere and pleasant demeanor, and professional affiliations have made him a vital asset to Care Street.

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