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Why Is Your Senior’s Home Messier than Ever Before?

Home Care Services in Howell NJ: Why Is Your Senior’s Home Messier than Ever Before?

You may not be used to seeing little piles building up around your senior’s home. Or perhaps it’s a little dustier than it usually is or there’s more clutter. There are usually reasons behind these new habits, but it might take some detective work to figure it out.

Storage Is More Difficult to Access

In the past, your elderly family member may not have had a problem accessing the top shelves of closets or those higher storage areas in the pantry. Now, though, her balance may be a concern and getting on a stepladder is just not a good idea. You might need to look at how you can improve your senior’s access to some of her storage.

Items Aren’t Organized Well for Her Life Now

The biggest problem might be that your senior’s home is organized for a life that is very different now than it used to be. It’s possible that your loved one’s home could benefit from an organizing session. Put items that aren’t used often in the locations that are more difficult to access. Everything that is used frequently gets the honor of the spots that are easiest to access.

Tidying up Is Taking a Lot of Energy

When you’ve got good health and your energy levels are higher, it’s easy to keep up with daily tidying and regular cleaning duties. As your senior ages, it may be a little more difficult for her to keep up with things the way that she has in the past. Hiring home care providers to take over those tasks for her can help her to use the energy she has in ways that are most important to her.

Your Senior Can’t Part with Some Things

Some aging adults find that as they grow older it’s more difficult to part with different items. In some cases, it becomes so bad that they literally can’t even part with items that they know are garbage. This can be the beginning of tendencies and it’s something that you’ll need to take seriously. It’s a psychological disorder that often occurs because your senior has experienced loss or other trauma.

Figuring out what is causing the issue is always the first step when you’re trying to solve problems for your elderly family member. Once you manage that, it’s a matter of determining which tools and resources will allow her to experience the biggest benefits.

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