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What Daily Living Tasks Indicate a Need for More Care for Dad?

Home Care Services in Manchester NJ: What Daily Living Tasks Indicate a Need for More Care for Dad?

Home Care Services in Manchester NJ: What Daily Living Tasks Indicate a Need for More Care for Dad?

Your dad wants to remain in his home and insists he can do it without help. You are not as sure. Spend a day or two with him and watch to see how he handles these daily tasks. If you notice he struggles with one or more, it may be time to talk to him about home care.

Grooming Tasks

Your dad should be able to take a shower, go to the bathroom without assistance, and brush his teeth. He should also be able to pick out a new set of clothing and get dressed. If applicable, he should brush his hair, trim his beard/mustache, and keep nose and ear hair trimmed. If he struggles with any of these grooming chores, you should address the need for a caregiver to help him with some of the more basic grooming tasks.

Household Chores

Generally, a house needs to be kept relatively tidy. There shouldn’t be dirty dishes on tables or counters. The trash should be taken out before it overflows or if the odor starts filling up the house. Vacuuming, mopping, and laundry need to be done weekly or more often. If it’s not getting completed, ask your dad why. These tasks may be too much for him to handle alone.


Make sure your dad is keeping up with bills. You don’t want to find he’s delayed paying property taxes or a home loan. You also don’t want electricity, phone, or water being shut off due to a delinquent account.


Can your dad drive anymore? This is something you’ll need to monitor closely. If he’s struggling to move his foot from the accelerator to the brake, he shouldn’t be driving. Take his keys before he causes an accident. When you do make that decision, he will still need rides to stores, the doctor’s/dentist’s office, and other people’s homes. Arrange a driver through a home care agency or, if he’s capable of planning routes, buy him a bus pass.

Medications and Health Checks

Does your dad have prescription medications that must be taken daily? Is he seeing the doctor yearly? How about a dentist or optometrist? For forgotten medications, a caregiver with a home care agency can offer medication reminders. If he’s forgetting any appointments, you may need to schedule them for him. Make sure he has a ride to and from his appointment.

What other concerns do you have about your dad living alone? Talk to a home care agency about the services the caregivers provide and how it can help your dad age at home in a safe, productive manner.

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