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How Do You Know When You’re Experiencing Caregiver Stress?

Home Care Services in Point Pleasant NJ: How Do You Know When You're Experiencing Caregiver Stress?

Home Care Services in Point Pleasant NJ: How Do You Know When You’re Experiencing Caregiver Stress?

Caregiver stress shares a lot of qualities from one caregiver to another, but you might still need to look for the ways that it’s showing up in your own life. Then you can start to make some changes.

You’re Anxious or Irritable Often

Anxiety and irritability can go hand in hand, even though they seem as if they’re not related at all. Anxiety keeps you hyper alert and vigilant, even when you don’t really need to be. Irritability pops up because you’re stuck in that loop of being super vigilant all the time. You can also experience these same feelings because of the challenges you’re facing in helping your senior. Investigate what might be causing these feelings so you can start to deal with the underlying issue.

You’re Exhausted, but You Might not Be Able to Sleep

Caregiving takes a lot out of you emotionally and physically. You might find that you’re running constantly from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall into bed again. The irony is that you might simultaneously have trouble sleeping, which compounds the exhaustion you’re feeling. Make sure that you talk with your doctor to rule out medical causes.

You Might Find Yourself Overreacting

When your emotions are stretched tight and you’re not sleeping well, you might find that you overreact to some situations. This might even surprise you quite a bit, especially if you’re usually fairly laid back under normal situations. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if your reaction is truly warranted for the situation.

You’re Having Trouble Concentrating

So much ends up being under your control when you’re a family caregiver. You’re managing your own life, but you’re likely also making health decisions as well as a multitude of other decisions for your aging adult. It’s overwhelming and it can be extremely difficult to keep your brain going as much as it has to. The emotional impact of caregiving can also affect how well you’re able to concentrate. Giving yourself a break can help quite a bit.

You Have no Life of Your Own Anymore

Being a caregiver takes up a lot of your time and your energy. As a result, you might not be spending as much time engaging in activities that you used to enjoy. You might even find that your social life diminishes and you don’t have time for other family members any longer. You have to remember that you do still have a life of your own and that you need to make room for it.

If you suspect that you’re dealing with caregiver stress, you don’t have to go through it alone. Talk to your doctor, consider joining a caregiver support group, and look for ways to make life easier for you while still caring for your elderly family member. Hiring home care providers to take over for you more often is just one tool you can put into use.

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