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Does Your Loved One’s Car Need an Upgrade to Help Her Continue to Drive?

Home Care Services in Wall NJ: Does Your Loved One's Car Need an Upgrade to Help Her Continue to Drive?

Home Care Services in Wall NJ: Does Your Loved One’s Car Need an Upgrade to Help Her Continue to Drive?

If your loved one has had the same car for years and years, you might not think much about whether it’s in need of some serious upgrading. Take a look at some of these potential issues.

Look for Features that Make Driving Easier

Older cars didn’t all have features like power brakes or power steering. Some elderly loved ones have seen no reason to upgrade their car over the years. If that describes your loved one, then it’s possible that her car still doesn’t have those types of features in it. Sometimes you can add these features afterward, using what are called aftermarket kits. But that doesn’t always make the best financial sense.

Look for Safety Features

Besides features that help your loved one drive much more easily, there are safety features you need to consider. Seat belts, even in the front seat, didn’t become standard equipment in American cars until 1966. Granted, your loved one’s car may be newer than that, but her seatbelts may still be antiquated. Besides seatbelts, front and side air bags are also important safety features. Factor in anti-lock brakes and your loved one’s car may be missing a few features.

Maintain the Little Things

You probably already know that checking the oil regularly and keeping the transmission in good working order is important, but so are the little things. Check your loved one’s windshield wiper blades every couple of months, for example. This is especially important if there hasn’t been a lot of rain recently because no one has used them. Headlights and other exterior and interior lighting need to be in good working order and fluids need topping up.

Consider Whether the Car Just Needs to Go

There are a lot of reasons that could contribute to your loved one needing to just get rid of her car completely. Perhaps it’s too out of date or she’s even decided that it’s time to stop driving. If this is the case, it’s time to have another option in the wings. Consider whether you or other family members can pitch in to drive or hire home care providers to help.

No matter what you and your loved one decide, it’s important to pay attention to all of the different ways you can help her to stay as mobile as possible. Keeping your loved one on the go can help her to continue to see the purpose in her life.

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