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What Can You Do to Make Sure Your Dad Gets Enough Exercise?

Home Health Care in Lakewood NJ: What Can You Do to Make Sure Your Dad Gets Enough Exercise?

Home Health Care in Lakewood NJ: What Can You Do to Make Sure Your Dad Gets Enough Exercise?

Did you know that the medical world recommends all seniors get 30 minutes of exercise each day? This is moderate exercise, not just a stroll out to the mailbox or walks from the sofa to the bathroom. How much does your dad get? You need him to get enough exercise for his health, but you’re not sure where to begin. Here are some tips.

Aim for Diversity

Your dad will get bored if he’s doing the same exercises day after day. Mix things up. Two days a week, take him on a walk through a local park. Have him use an elliptical machine or stationary bike once a week. Once a week, he can go to the local senior center or Y for a yoga class. He could play tennis on weekends with friends. By creating a diverse calendar of exercises, he won’t get bored. Plus, he works out different muscles each day.

Build Him Up Slowly

At first, your dad may find it hard to complete a full 30 minutes in one session. If he’s out of shape or recovering from a surgery or illness, talk to his doctor. His doctor may recommend working with a physical therapist or personal trainer to start.

If he’s okay to work out by himself, break the 30 minutes up into shorter programs multiple times a day. He could walk for 10 minutes after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner and get in the 30 minutes that way. You could also break it into a walk after breakfast, swim after lunch, and yoga video before bedtime. As his tolerance improves, you can drop multiple sessions and aim for one or two fitness programs each day.

Get Someone to Join Him

If your dad has someone to walk with, ride bikes with, or go swimming with, he’ll be more inclined to do it regularly. Join him on days when you have the time. If you can’t, a caregiver can. Hire a home care professional to help your dad out in his home. That caregiver can join him on walks, drive him to fitness classes at senior centers, or put on a fitness video in his home and support him as he does the routines.

Learn more about home care. In addition to companionship, your dad can have someone drive him to an appointment or help him on laundry day. One call is all it takes to get answers to your questions, learn about rates, and schedule a meeting. Call today.

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