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How Can You Respond if Your Senior Wants You to Promise to Never Put Her in a Home?

Homecare in Manalapan NJ: How Can You Respond if Your Senior Wants You to Promise to Never Put Her in a Home?

If your aging adult has started to ask you to promise never to put her in a nursing home, you might not have known how to respond. This is a promise that most caregivers want to agree to make, but it’s one that might not be right later on.

You Want to Make This Promise

The idea of going to a nursing home eventually is a scary one, both for you and for your aging adult. Your elderly family member might ask you to make this promise at a time when you can’t imagine needing the services of a nursing home for her. As such, you’re going to want very badly to make this promise, but there may be better promises you can make.

Promise She’ll Have the Best Care Possible

The best care possible for your aging adult might well be a nursing home at some point. But until that stage, you can promise your elderly family member that she’ll have the best care that you can possibly provide. This might mean hiring home care services to help you manage her care as she ages in place. This promise doesn’t mean that you have to do everything completely alone.

Promise that Any Care Situation Will Be the Best One for Her

You might feel more comfortable rewording your promise to your senior, especially if she’s agitated until she gets one. You can promise her that any care situation is going to be one that is the best one for her at that point. Your biggest goal as her family caregiver is that your senior is as safe and cared for as well as is humanly possible.

Promise You Won’t Abandon Her

Behind your senior’s request for you to make this promise is a fear that she’ll be left somewhere and abandoned. You can promise your elderly family member that although the care she receives might involve other people and services, you’re always going to be there for her. You can help her to calm those fears of abandonment.

No matter how badly you want to promise your aging adult that you’ll never place her in a nursing home, there may come a time when her health truly requires a nursing home. Going back on that promise or, worse still, not placing her in a nursing home if that’s the best option, might cause you to feel guilt that you shouldn’t have to experience.

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