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How Can I Care for my Elderly Loved One After a Stroke

Homecare in Manchester NJ: How Can I Care for my Elderly Loved One After a Stroke

A stroke can upend the life of even the most independent senior, and one of the big challenges that family members face is the type of daily care their loved one will need. While some seniors do recover from mild strokes with minor impact, the majority of elderly adults lose some or most of their ability to control part of their body. Because of the challenges they now face, aging stroke patients really benefit from a home care provider that assists with self-care, daily household tasks and mental health.

Home Care Providers Help with Daily-Tasks

After a stroke, elderly adults can experience a range of physical limitations. Home care providers can help with their day-to-day needs such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and hygiene. Because an elderly person’s physical abilities are so diminished after a stroke, they may struggle just to stand up on their own and walk around the house.

Home care providers can also perform the household tasks that elderly adults can no longer do, from cleaning and laundry to meal preparation, minor home maintenance and pet care. Even if the aging adult can do a few of these tasks on their own or with support, it’s good to have a home care provider step in as needed to ensure safety.

Home Care Providers Help with Self-Care

Home care providers are most helpful when they can assist an elderly person with self-care tasks. For elderly adults who suffer from a stroke, even things like brushing their hair or putting on socks can be a real challenge. Thanks to professional training and experience, home care providers can guide and direct aging adults with daily self-care tasks like bathing or showering, dressing, grooming and hygiene. They can also advise on adaptive products that can make any of these tasks much easier for the senior, despite any physical challenges.

Home Care Providers Help with Mental Health

Seniors understandably experience a range of emotions in the weeks and months after their stroke. After all, their entire way of life has changed and depending on others for basic needs can trigger grief, anger, anxiety, and even depression. A home care provider can certainly take care of physical needs, but they are also very beneficial for mental health needs. They can be a supportive companion to the elderly adult and cheering them on as they work toward recovery. Home care providers can also help seniors deal with common emotional problems such as loneliness, boredom and self-pity.

It’s never easy to re-adjust to life after a serious stroke, but for elderly adults that have a good support system of family caregivers, friends, home care providers and doctors, they can be safe and comfortable at home.

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