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Can Your Aging Adult Still Travel if She Has Alzheimer’s Disease?

Homecare in Toms River NJ: Can Your Aging Adult Still Travel if She Has Alzheimer's Disease?

Homecare in Toms River NJ: Can Your Aging Adult Still Travel if She Has Alzheimer’s Disease?

Some aging adults have always enjoyed traveling, but might worry that it’s impossible after an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Depending on your aging family member’s individual situation, you might need to make some adjustments.

Consider Destinations Carefully

For some aging adults with Alzheimer’s disease, the destination can be what makes or breaks the trip. If it’s a location that your elderly family member enjoys and has been to in the past, it might be perfect. For louder destinations or those that are extremely unfamiliar for your senior, the experience might be less enjoyable.

Give Extra Thought to Packing

Not only do you need to pack the clothing and other items your elderly family member might need, it’s essential to pack some extra items. Make copies of important documents and store them in waterproof bags. You’ll also need enough medication for the trip and possibly extras in case of emergency. Let your senior’s doctor know you’ll be traveling in case you run into any medical issues while away.

Prepare with Extra Identification

Having extra identification, both for and on your elderly family member, can give you both peace of mind. There are agencies that allow you to register your elderly family member with their database. Your senior then wears a pendant or bracelet with an identification number that can be matched up to the database entry. This is essential if you and your elderly family member are separated at any time during the trip.

Communicate with the Airline and the Hotel

When you’re booking the travel arrangements, let the airline or other transportation providers know that your elderly family member has Alzheimer’s disease. They can often help you to avoid certain situations that might be troublesome for your senior. Make sure that you let the hotel know, too, because they may be able to offer you special accommodation as well.

Consider Bringing Help Along

Bringing home care providers with you is an excellent way to have the help you need on hand. Realistically speaking, however, this might not be as cost effective as you’d like. Another option is to source home care providers in the area you’ll be traveling to with your elderly family member.

Traveling can be fun and enjoyable for your elderly family member, even with Alzheimer’s disease, but it isn’t for everyone. Check your expectations and hers and proceed with caution.

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