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Keeping Your Senior Safe on the Roads

Homecare in Wall NJ: Keeping Your Senior Safe on the Roads

Homecare in Wall NJ: Keeping Your Senior Safe on the Roads

Safe driving is something that your senior might take for granted until she starts having difficulty. By taking a little extra time to develop a plan, your senior can make sure that she’s safe behind the wheel and that you’re not as worried as you might have been about her.

Make a Plan First

Before making trips, it pays to take some extra time and sit down and map out a plan for the trip. It helps if your senior knows exactly where she’s going, even if what she has is just the address. She can look for streets she’s familiar with and obstacles she wants to avoid, such as the highway or extra left turns.

Leave Plenty of Time

Once you have a plan mapped out, it’s easier for your aging adult to factor in both driving time as well as how long she wants to add in order to pad that time. When she leaves plenty of time for her trip, your senior doesn’t have to fret about being late, which can cause her to make mistakes.

Check the Weather

Another important factor to consider is the weather. Knowing whether there will be rain or other inclement conditions could impact how much extra time your senior decides to leave herself. The other option that she might consider is deciding to step out of the driver’s seat for this trip.

Know When to Leave the Driving to Someone Else

There may be times when your elderly family member knows that she needs to go somewhere, but she’s not really up to driving. If she knows that you’re not going to use that against her, she’s going to be much more likely to contact home care providers or other transportation options rather than trying to push her luck by driving. If you can each develop some trust around this topic, it will be much easier for her to make the right decision when she needs to do so.

At some point, your aging adult might need to step away from driving completely. But until that time, keeping her as safe as you possibly can is still something that you can do.

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