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7 Reasons Why Seniors Need More Art Exposure

Senior Care in Howell NJ: 7 Reasons Why Seniors Need More Art Exposure

It’s been said that art has the power to inspire, heal, challenge and relax. When it comes to the arts, participants can enjoy a new perspective on life. Exposure to music, theater arts, visual art and more can lift spirits and bring beauty to the daily grind. However, elderly people are often cut off from exposure to art.

The reasons why many elderly adults don’t engage in the arts are many. It may be due to mobility or transportation because they are dependent on family members or senior care assistants. Often, seniors aren’t technologically savvy enough to find out what art events are happening in the community or make arrangements for tickets. Sometimes, seniors are so used to skipping art events that they just don’t think about the benefits they would get from attending. Whatever the reason, family caregivers who want to enrich their aging loved one’s lives should help them get more exposure to the arts.

Here are 7 reasons why seniors need more art exposure:

1. Brain Stimulation: Seniors need to create new neural pathways in the brain to stay sharp and retain cognitive abilities. Engaging with a range of artistic expressions, such as a gallery or a concert, helps them learn new things and process information they’ve never learned before.

2. Stress Reduction: Exposure to art can reduce stress, provide comfort and inspiration, and bring out the commonalities in the human experience.

3. Cultural Awareness: Not all art is universally enjoyed or understood. However, experiencing different types of art and artists break open an elderly person’s world view and allow them to relate to other people’s experiences and viewpoints.

4. Experience Beauty: Aging can be lonely and frightening, but many kinds of artistic expression are focused on uplifting people and helping them to find beauty. Elderly adults that enjoy beautiful art are often better equipped emotionally to handle daily life.

5. Encourage Self-Reflection: Art can help people explore their past, present and future by bringing up intense emotions. It can help elderly people focus on positive experiences they’ve had as well as negative ones.

6. Promote Healing: For as long as humans have been around, they have used artistic expression as a way to promote emotional and physical healing. Numerous studies have been done that link exposure to the arts actually recover more quickly from illnesses and manage pain better than those who do not.

7. Entertainment: Elderly people are not usually as socially involved as they were in their younger years for a variety of reasons. Spending time at plays, musicals, concerts, art shows and more are fun for those who enjoy them and can expose them to lots of new friends with common interests.

Family caregivers should look for every opportunity to expose their elderly relatives to the arts in their community. With the help of family members, senior care aides, senior centers and more, every elderly adult can fill some of their free time by attending events that will enrich their life.


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