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Four Times When You’ll Find a Caregiver is Extremely Helpful

Senior Care in Point Pleasant NJ: Four Times When You'll Find a Caregiver is Extremely Helpful

Senior Care in Point Pleasant NJ: Four Times When You’ll Find a Caregiver is Extremely Helpful

Switching from the role of being your parent’s child to parenting your parent is always a challenge. You’ve noticed certain things that make you wonder if your parents are really okay by themselves. Here are four times when a caregiver can really help you out.

Your Mom Fell and Needs to Take It Easy

Your mom was going downstairs with a basket of laundry and fell on the last few steps. She broke her wrist and has to let it heal. A caregiver can come in once a week and handle the things your mom can no longer do while her wrist heals. Caregivers can vacuum, change sheets and towels, and do laundry. You don’t have to keep the caregiver on after your mom’s wrist heals, but you may find your mom likes having the companionship and help around the house.

Your Dad’s Not Eating Healthy Meals

Your mom passed away and she cooked all the meals. Now that she’s gone, your dad is reverting to takeout meals or frozen dinners. He hasn’t had a green vegetable in weeks. Call a senior care agency to hire a caregiver to come in and plan and prepare healthy meals.

You’re the Family Caregiver and You’re Overwhelmed

You’ve been caring for your mom throughout the week. You work all day, go to your mom’s home and take care of her meals, household chores, and bills, and then you have to go home and get your children’s lunches together. Plus, there’s your own housework that needs to get done. You haven’t gone out with friends in months. Caregiver burnout is a serious problem. A caregiver can take over and give you some time to yourself.

Your Dad No Longer Can Drive

Your dad mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal and drove into a business. His doctor and police officers say he’s no longer able to drive. This leaves you struggling to figure out how you’ll get him to stores, his friend’s houses, and appointments. Hire a caregiver to bring him to and from his appointments, social events, and his doctor’s and dentist’s offices.

Learn more about all the services senior care agencies provide. Companionship, meal preparation, transportation, and respite services are just the start. You’ll find both you and your parent are less stressed when a senior care specialist is available to help your mom or dad.

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