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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring and Your Senior’s Health

Senior Care in Wall NJ: Home Blood Pressure Monitoring and Your Senior’s Health

One of the best ways for your senior to keep tabs on her blood pressure is to test it at home. When she tests at home, the results are more likely to be accurate because she’s in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. The more that you learn about home monitoring, the easier it will be to help her to get the information her doctor needs.

Home Testing Lets Her See What Affects Her Blood Pressure

So many things can affect your senior’s blood pressure readings. Stress, anger, and even lack of sleep can all make her numbers a little bit higher than usual. Regular exercise can cause her to have lower blood pressure readings. When your elderly family member is keeping track of her blood pressure regularly, she’ll start to notice that certain times of day mean her blood pressure might be higher or lower. She can start to see patterns and how her own choices impact those results.

New Home Monitors Are Easier to Use

Newer models of home blood pressure monitors are a lot easier to use than they used to be. Older models were usually finicky about where the cuff was placed and how your senior sat. The original wrist blood pressure monitors weren’t always that accurate. But newer versions of these monitors have less room for user error and can yield some accurate results.

Your Senior’s Doctor May Recommend Some Changes

As your elderly family member collects results and shares that information with her doctor, her doctor is able to recommend some changes. Depending on the changes your senior’s doctor recommends, your senior may need to keep testing to collect information. Medication might also be something that gets added to your elderly family member’s daily routine.

Consistency Is Key with Home Testing

The big key to collecting blood pressure data is to consistently keep testing. If your senior forgets or just doesn’t enjoy keeping up with this, senior care providers can help her to keep up with her home monitoring. They can help to make the entire thing more fun and also make sure that your senior is collecting consistent and accurate data for her doctor.

With home blood pressure monitoring, your senior can make some solid decisions about how her choices are improving her health. This gives her almost real-time feedback that can help to keep her motivated, especially when the changes she’s making feel difficult for her.

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