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When Elderly Relatives Don’t Want In-Home Care

It is extremely hard for many aging adults to realize that they are losing a lot of their good health and wellness. It’s even tougher for them to admit they need some in-home care, so they try to cover up that need and get by on their own. Despite their best efforts, however, usually family caregivers figure out what’s going on and suggest hiring an elderly care provider. When the aging adult is stubborn, and the family caregiver is insistent, it can lead to lots of family tension.

Why Don’t Seniors Want Assistance?

There are many reasons why elderly adults may not want to have an elderly care provider in their lives. It can be too intrusive into their privacy, or they could feel embarrassed at the state of their homes or their diminished abilities. Still others are unable to trust strangers coming in to help them out, or fear that the elderly care provider service is too expensive for them. Whatever the reason for the objection, it’s common for aging adults to agree to in-home elderly care providers even though it would be in their best interest.

Elderly Care in Wall NJ: When Elderly Relatives Don’t Want In-Home Care

Another aspect to consider is the aging adult’s resistance to having their lives inspected and upended by adult children or younger relatives. After all, they’ve been living independently for decades without help, so allowing others to make decisions on their lives may feel insulting, unnecessary or even intrusive. They may get irritated, angry, withdrawn and even depressed whenever the topic is brought up.

Introducing In-Home Care Slowly

Family caregivers are put in a tough situation when trying to convince their aging relatives to use an elderly care provider. When seniors cannot continue to live independently, for their own health and safety, they really need the services of an in-home care provider. Instead of insisting on full-time care right away, family caregivers may want to take a slower approach if possible.

To start slowly, the elderly care provider might come in one or two mornings per week to do some non-intrusive tasks like laundry and light housekeeping. They may be scheduled to prepare some meals or just spend some time with the aging adult when they are alone. Over time, as the aging adult gets used to them coming, their duties can expand. It’s also important for family caregivers to give seniors some say in the upcoming changes, so they feel like they still have some control in their own life and are empowered in finding a solution that works for them.

Introducing big changes into the life of a formerly independent adult is always difficult, but family caregivers can take a cautious approach and introduce the topic in such a way that it would be hard for the aging relative to resist for long.

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