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When Someone You Love Won’t Go to the Doctor

If your elderly family member has ever told you that she won’t go to the doctor, that might have taken you by surprise. There’s actually a lot you can do, even if the situation seems hopeless at first.

Sort out What Is Going On

You know why you want your senior to go to the doctor, so start with that. If she’s experiencing certain symptoms or having specific issues, map out precisely what’s going on. Talk to her about what she’s feeling and seeing on her end. It’s possible that she doesn’t necessarily see what you are and that different perspective makes a big difference.

Identify the Reasons for Not Going to a Doctor

Once you have an idea what each of you feel the problem is, it’s time to look at why your senior doesn’t want to see her doctor. If she’s got a touch of then even the idea of going to the doctor can be terrifying. But there can also be practical reasons for her to not want to go, including being unable to transport herself to the appointment.

Elder Care in Manchester NJ: When Someone You Love Won't Go to the Doctor
Elder Care in Manchester NJ: When Someone You Love Won’t Go to the Doctor

Solve What’s Solvable

You can’t fix White Coat Syndrome for your senior in one doctor’s visit. But you can help her to solve some of the other obstacles that can keep her from going to her doctor. For instance, if transportation is the problem, it might be time for elder care providers to handle driving for your senior. They can help her to get to her doctor and they can help her with other transportation needs, like running errands and going to visit friends.

Pick Your Battles Carefully

Use the information you gather to take the right action on this situation. For instance, if the visit is one that could be handled over the phone because it’s simple or it’s a prescription refill that might be the answer for today. If there’s a definitive reason to go to the doctor, you may have to insist. Making every one of these situations a battle wears you out and might damage the trust between you and your senior.

People have plenty of reasons for not wanting to visit a doctor. Some of those reasons may seem more reasonable to you than others do, but that doesn’t invalidate them. Take the time to understand what’s going on with your senior so that you can get to a solution that really works for her.

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