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Help! Mom Won’t Move Out of Her House But Can’t Live Alone

Elderly Care in South Plainfield NJ: Help! Mom Won’t Move Out of Her House But Can’t Live Alone

Elderly Care in South Plainfield NJ: Help! Mom Won’t Move Out of Her House But Can’t Live Alone

It’s hard for adult children to convince their aging parents that they may need some help around the house. Many seniors are in denial that they need outside help when they’ve been independent their entire lives. Even adult children struggle with the fact that their parents are getting old and are no longer capable of handling some of the most basic daily activities like cooking or grocery shopping.

Even more conflict can arise when adult children suggest that their elderly parents move to a long-term care center, but the parents refuse to leave their home. Children want their parents to be safe and cared for, while the elderly parents see it as a complete loss of autonomy and being forced to leave their home. Both sides may be able to come to an agreement about ways to improve the health and safety of the elderly parents by looking at some local elderly care agencies.

If elderly parents are resistant to moving out of their home, they may be more open to allowing a home care aide to come regularly to help with daily responsibilities. These assistants can help out daily or several times per week with tasks like bathing, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal prep and companionship. While many elderly parents may still be resistant, once they realize that having in-home care still gives them a lot of independence, they may be more open to the idea. The truth is that in-home care assistants will be able to give them the personal care that family members simply don’t have time for due to their own jobs and immediate families.

More and more families are reporting positive experiences with in-home elderly care. The constant interaction and the attention to the needs of elderly clients make a huge difference in their lives. Adult children have fewer worries about their parents and the elderly people don’t have to struggle to get though the basic daily tasks. The sad fact is that elderly parents simply cannot keep doing everything on their own. In-home care is a nice bridge between their former independence and more intensive care.

It’s hard for elderly parents that struggle with illness, injury, chronic conditions and the simple effects of aging to maintain a high quality of life. As daily tasks become more challenging with age, it’s natural to look to outside help. Adult children and other family caregivers may need to be the ones to push their reluctant and stubborn elderly relatives to take home care seriously and look at options. It sometimes takes an outside view for aging parents to see that their standards in hygiene, housekeeping and cooking are slipping. These and other indications may be what triggers the adult children and their elderly parents to start having conversations about much needed home care assistance.


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