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Six Fire Safety Tips Your Parents Must Know

According to FEMA, there were more than 364,000 house fires in 2016. Fire safety is essential. As your parents get older, they might have a harder time getting out of the house if a fire breaks out. Use these six fire safety tips to make sure they know exactly what to do to prevent fires and get out safely in a worst-case scenario.

Elder Care in Plainsboro NJ: Six Fire Safety Tips Your Parents Must Know
Elder Care in Plainsboro NJ: Six Fire Safety Tips Your Parents Must Know

Make Sure the Detectors Are Installed Correctly

When installing smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors, make sure there are alarms in bedrooms and on each level of the home. There should be a detector in the basement near the bottom of the stairs leading to the first floor. Wall-mounted detectors should never be more than a foot from where the wall meets the ceiling.

Stop Smoking

A lit cigarette accounts for 2 percent of all residential fires. If your parent smokes, it’s best for them to stop smoking for both their health and safety. If they can’t quit, they should limit smoking to outside. Make sure there is a bucket of sand for them to extinguish cigarette butts.

Many fires start when a smoker falls asleep before finishing a cigarette. Make sure your parent knows to always go outside to smoke and never smoke inside.

Hold Fire Drills

Create an escape plan that covers the different escape routes. If a fire occurs at night, your parents escape route from the bedroom is likely different to if they’re in the downstairs living room. Practice all of the routes once a month and keep the map posted in a visible area for them to study.

Schedule Heating System Checks Yearly

Make sure a professional checks the heating system and vent pipes every year. They need to look for frayed wiring, carbon monoxide leaks, and improper installations. If your parent uses propane, oil, or kerosene, the fuel tanks should also be inspected.

Get Rid of Candles

If your parents like to scent the home with candles, they need to get out of that habit. An essential oil diffuser is a safer choice. If they like the look of candles, look into flameless LED candles instead.

Hire Caregivers to Cook Meals

Half of all residential fires started in the kitchen when someone was cooking a meal. If your parents have a hard time safely lifting pans from a hot oven or stove, it’s time to hire someone to cook for them. If they forget something is cooking, it’s really time to hire elder care aides.

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