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Is Negative Self-talk Harming Your Ability to Be a Caregiver?

Caregivers in New Brunswick NJ: Is Negative Self-talk Harming Your Ability to Be a Caregiver?

You may not think much about how you talk to yourself, but talking negatively to yourself can sabotage you and your efforts in every area of your life.

Negative Self-talk Is Subtle

Our internal and even some of our external thoughts and statements are so very subtle that it can be difficult for us to recognize when we’re being negative. You might say things to yourself like, “That was stupid.” or “I always mess that up.” You may not think about these as negative statements that you’ve directed at yourself, but your subconscious is definitely listening and it’s taking notes.

Start Paying Attention to How You Talk to Yourself

Start making it a habit, even when you’re deep in caregiver mode, to really listen to how you talk to and about yourself. This isn’t easy to do and you may find your attention drifting from this task quite often. But eventually, you’ll start to get better and better about making note of how you’re talking to yourself.

Would You Talk to Anyone Else that Way?

Once you’ve been listening to your internal dialogue for a little while, it’s time to examine it more closely. Would you say those types of statements to anyone else, whether that’s a stranger or your best friend? You probably wouldn’t at all. In fact, you’d be mortified if you said some of those things to someone else. So why are you saying them to yourself?

Turn Negative Self-talk Around

Think about how you might phrase something to another person. For example, you may have difficulty with a specific task and feel as if you make mistakes more often than not. But to someone else, you might say, “It’s okay, you’ll get the hang of it. Just keep trying.” When you can say those types of things to yourself, you’re giving yourself the encouragement that you so desperately need as a family caregiver.

Get Help if You Need It

This type of change isn’t easy, especially if you’ve been pretty tough on yourself for a long time. Therapists and counselors can help you to get to the bottom of this type of negative self-talk and learn how to turn it into more positive self-talk. Getting help isn’t a bad thing at all. It can help you in every area of your life.

You might hope that you can fix negative self-talk overnight, but the reality is that it can take you some time to really ferret out all of your negative statements to yourself and turn them around. With some time and attention, though, you can definitely do this.

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