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Does Your Senior Want to Keep Driving? Exercise Is Crucial

Elder Care in Edison NJ: Does Your Senior Want to Keep Driving? Exercise Is Crucial

Elder Care in Edison NJ: Does Your Senior Want to Keep Driving? Exercise Is Crucial

If you’ve already tried everything to convince your aging adult that exercise is something she needs to commit to, you might feel as if you’re out of options. Being able to drive much more safely and readily can be a huge motivator, however.

Exercise Isn’t Always Fun, but it Serves a Purpose

For people who have never really enjoyed exercise, it’s hard to sell them on the idea of it being fun. You can do the best you can with that by choosing activities that are at least moderately enjoyable, but some people never quite get to “fun” with exercise. Regardless, exercise helps to keep joints lubricated, muscles limber, and the entire body working more efficiently.

Talk to Your Senior about Driving and Mobility

As your loved one ages, some aspects of driving may become more difficult. Getting into and out of the car can become troublesome, for example. Or your senior may find that it’s more difficult to turn her body properly to look over her shoulder before changing lanes. Sit down with your elderly family member and talk about what is becoming more difficult and where she’s experiencing issues. This isn’t about using that information for any purpose other than helping her to retain mobility. You might need to point that out to her if she’s worried you’re going to bar her from driving.

Work on a Plan with Her Doctor

Once you have some information about what gives your senior more trouble, you can work with her doctor to develop a plan for specific exercises that can help. If she’s having trouble with pressing pedals, strength exercises for her legs might help. Range of motion exercises are key if she’s having trouble twisting to see over her shoulder. Other types of exercises may be able to solve other problems.

Check in and Keep Track of Results

Now that you’ve convinced your senior that exercise is not her enemy, check in with her periodically. Keep track of how she’s feeling and what sorts of improvements she’s seeing with the problems that she mentioned initially. As you resolve some issues through exercise, your aging family member may notice that she’s having trouble in other areas now. Work with her doctor or physical therapist to revamp her exercise plan to adjust as needed.

As your senior starts to see the results from exercising, she may be more likely to stick with it. Remind her that there’s more to exercise than simply continuing to drive. It’s also about helping her to be healthier.

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