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What Does Your Senior’s Car Need in Order to Keep Her Safe?

Elder Care in New Brunswick NJ: What Does Your Senior's Car Need in Order to Keep Her Safe?

Elder Care in New Brunswick NJ: What Does Your Senior’s Car Need in Order to Keep Her Safe?

There is a lot about keeping your senior safe in her vehicle that relies on her to take care of herself, but there’s also a lot that hinges on the car itself. Keep some of these tips in mind to help your elderly family member to be safer behind the wheel.

“Automatic” Can Help a Lot

In the past, power steering and brakes were almost unheard of as standard features in vehicles. Now, however, these features are almost a given. Look for other automatic or power features in your senior’s car because they make her job as the driver of the vehicle so much easier. It might be time to upgrade your elderly family member’s car, even if she’s pretty attached to this one.

Regular Maintenance Is Essential

Regular maintenance is absolutely crucial from a safety standpoint. Ultimately it saves your senior money because her car is less likely to need costly emergency repairs. But that’s only part of the situation. When the car is properly and regularly maintained, it’s less likely to break down or to create a situation that is unsafe for your aging adult.

Don’t Overlook Safety Considerations

Some of the maintenance on a car is purely for safety, even if you don’t think of it that way at first. For instance, keeping the car’s windows and lights clean makes the car look a lot better, but it’s also a safety concern. The windows allow your elderly family member to see what’s going on around her and the lights do the same. They also allow other drivers to see what your senior is doing and where her car is headed. All of that is part of keeping her safer.

A Way to Call for Help

If your senior isn’t on board with carrying a cell phone just yet, she might consider keeping one in the car for emergencies. Another option is to activate services such as onboard emergency contact services that can help to get her in touch with emergency personnel. You might also consider a portable personal alarm system that works for your elderly family member whether she’s driving or anywhere else at all.

Even the safest driver needs a little extra help now and again. Hiring elder care providers to drive for your aging adult when she can’t is a great way to compromise. She can go back to driving when she’s able to do so, but she’s not trapped at home when she’s unable to drive herself.

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