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If Something Happens to Your Dad, Will You Know in Time?

Elderly Care in New Brunswick NJ: If Something Happens to Your Dad, Will You Know in Time?

Elderly Care in New Brunswick NJ: If Something Happens to Your Dad, Will You Know in Time?

An 88-year-old Iowa senior feel into his grain bin while trying to break it up. Rescuers couldn’t save him in time. No one wants to think about a worst-case scenario, but it’s important to do just that. If something happened to your dad, would people notice in time?

Living at Home Alone Requires Planning

When your dad makes the decision to age in the family home, you need to consider what steps are needed to make sure he’s safe. You need to make sure he’s not isolated. You also need to have a system set up so that if he needs help, he can get it.

Be open and honest about possible scenarios and what is needed to prevent a situation from turning tragic. If he falls in the bathroom, how will anyone know until the next time they visit? If he turns on the oven and forgets, would he be able to keep the fire from spreading? Would he remember how to call 911 when he’s in a panic? These are all questions you need to discuss.

Medical Alert Bracelets and Pendants Help

Today’s medical alert bracelets have fall sensors that alert authorities if a fall is detected. They act as an intercom system between your dad and a service rep who dispatches help as needed. As long as your dad is wearing the pendant or wristband, help is always the touch of a button away even in the shower or bathtub.

Another benefit to medical alert systems is the built-in GPS system. Many systems have GPS, so your dad has help when he’s out shopping, playing golf, or gardening. If he wanders, the agency can use GPS to track him.

While medical alert systems help in many situations, it still has limits. If your dad is sitting down and passes out from low blood sugar, the system won’t be able to tell. He’d need to remember to push the button.

There’s No Shame in Needing Help

While medical alert systems help to keep your dad safe in some situations, they cannot cover everything. Make sure your dad knows that having a caregiver is not shameful. It doesn’t mean he’s lost his freedom or privacy. Caregivers only handle the elderly cares services he requests. They don’t have to be there all day. They can come for an hour every day or once or twice a week.

Bring your dad in for a consultation to learn more. Call your area’s elderly care agency to set up an appointment.

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