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Why Seniors Need a Library Card

Elderly Care in New Brunswick NJ: Why Seniors Need a Library Card

Elderly Care in New Brunswick NJ: Why Seniors Need a Library Card

88-year-old Henry was bored. He had suffered a stroke and wasn’t able to get out of his house to do the things he once did. As a result, he had been sitting home alone with nothing to do. His elderly care provider, Alicia, noticed that Henry didn’t seem to have much to do, so she suggested they take a trip to the local library. Alicia helped Henry to get into the car and drove him to the library. The librarian helped Henry to sign up for a library card. Now, Henry has plenty to do and Alicia drives him to the library at least once per week.

September is Library Card Sign-Up month. If your older family member is looking for something to do, there are lots of reasons for them to go and get a library card, too. Below are just a few benefits of having a library card.

It’s Free!

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for a library card. That can be an important factor for older adults who are living on a fixed income. Having a library card offers access to all sorts of free entertainment.

Reading Is Good for the Brain

Research shows that reading improves brain health. It helps to build connections in the brain. In addition, reading has been shown to improve empathy since it helps people to see things from someone else’s perspective.

Access to Books, Movies, and More

Of course, one of the major benefits of having a library card is access to thousands of books of all kinds. There are books for everyone, regardless of what they are interested in reading about. In addition to books, libraries often have a wide selection of DVDs for patrons to check out, including the latest movies and entire seasons of popular television shows. Libraries also have music CDs to check out from every genre, from classical to pop.

Social Interaction

Libraries are a great place for older adults to socialize. They can attend classes and seminars put on by the library where they’ll meet people with similar interests. They can also chat with other patrons and the librarian.

An elderly care provider can help your loved one to sign up for a library card. Elderly care providers can drive seniors to the library. If there are forms to fill out, an elderly care provider can assist them to read small print or even write in the information. Once the senior has a library card, the elderly care provider can help them to choose books and movies. They can also encourage them to sign up for activities and classes offered by the library.



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