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What Can You Do about Caregiver Exhaustion?

Elderly Care in Old Bridge NJ: What Can You Do about Caregiver Exhaustion?

If you’re battling caregiver exhaustion, you need to take active steps right away in order to combat it. Try one or more of these ideas as soon as possible.

Find Ways to Take a Step Back

Exhaustion crops up from doing too much, too often. You have to find ways to take a step back from overdoing, but that’s not easy to do as a caregiver. Finding ways to take small breaks is crucial for getting your head in gear for solving this problem. Small breaks give you a way to breathe a little bit during the day. Gradually you’ll find that you’re growing some space for yourself.

Hire Some Help for Respite Care

Little breaks can give way to bigger breaks. Hiring elderly care providers for an hour or for an afternoon gives you a chance to stretch those smaller breaks into larger ones. If your elderly family member isn’t excited about this idea, lean on examples of how elderly care providers help you the most.

Look for Ways to Ramp up Your Self-care

At the core of exhaustion is a lack of self-care. What is it that you’re not doing that you used to do? This might involve eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and being strict about your sleep schedules. If you aren’t doing these things, you need to bring them back into your regular routine. Doing so slowly might be the best option at first.

Join a Support Group for Caregivers

Caregiver support groups are an excellent place to talk through what you’re running up against in terms of caregiver exhaustion. The other support group members can help you to determine what to try next because they’ve been there and experienced what you’re experiencing.

Revamp Your Daily Habits

Your daily habits are going to be what makes or breaks this new plan for you. Look at what you’re doing that supports better health and support for you and do more of that. For instance, perhaps you need more time than an hour or two a week. Then you may need to go ahead and hire elderly care providers for longer periods of time.

Being aware of caregiver exhaustion is extremely important. This is the very first step in getting yourself the solutions that you need in order to take the best care possible of yourself. From there you can do what you need to do in order to break free from exhaustion.

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