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Home Care Services That Help Both You and Your Mom

Home Care in Cranford NJ: Home Care Services That Help Both You and Your Mom

Home Care in Cranford NJ: Home Care Services That Help Both You and Your Mom

You hire caregivers to help your mom. Did you realize that while helping her, caregivers are also helping you? Here are some of the home care services that benefit both you while also aiding your mom.

#1 – Transportation

Your mom doesn’t drive. Eyesight, dementia, and slower reaction times are all reasons seniors have to give up their keys. You’re struggling to get time off from work, still bring in enough income, and be able to get her to and from stores, friends’ houses, senior centers, and appointments. Transportation services ease the burden by having a caregiver available to drive your mom around.

#2 – Meals

You cook a week’s worth of meals and tuck them in your mom’s freezer or fridge, but she doesn’t eat them. She’ll say she’s in the mood for them when you make them, but a day or two later that food isn’t appealing. She won’t eat it. You’ve wasted a lot of food. Caregivers can make meals from scratch right before she eats, so she doesn’t have time to change her mind.

#3 – Laundry

Once a week, you go to your mom’s and do all of her laundry. You strip the bed, grab her towels, get the kitchen sponge and hand towels, and her hamper. You spend the day doing laundry. The problem is that while you’re trying to keep up with all that, she also wants to go to the store, chat, or go out to eat. You run out of time with her other requests that you can’t get all the laundry done.

#4 – Companionship

Your mom is lonely. Every hour or two, your mom will call you to chat. It disrupts you at work, but you have a hard time turning her away. You don’t know if something’s wrong or not until you answer. With caregivers providing companionship, your mom has someone to talk to while you’re at work or busy with appointments or errands.

#5 Respite Care

While you’re caring for your mom, it’s easy to take on too much. You don’t want to say your mom is too much for you, but she is. You need a break. Respite care gives you the chance to get away for a few hours. While you go out with friends, your mom is in the trained hands of a home care professional.

Sit down with your mom and talk about the home care services that will make her life easier. She may just want companionship, but she may also need someone to make her bed and wash her sheets. Find out more about these and other home care services. It all starts with one quick phone call.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Cranford, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care of New Brunswick today. Call (732) 607-8870.