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How Can You Make Walking a Part of Your Aging Adult’s Daily Routine?

Home Care Services in New Brunswick NJ: How Can You Make Walking a Part of Your Aging Adult's Daily Routine?

Home Care Services in New Brunswick NJ: How Can You Make Walking a Part of Your Aging Adult’s Daily Routine?

When your elderly family member starts to walk every single day, she might find that she loves being active. Here are some things you can do to help make daily walks a regular part of her routine.

Don’t Stress about It

Starting any new routine can feel intimidating, both for you and for your aging adult. But it doesn’t have to be. Take it easy and don’t create stress for your senior over starting an exercise program. As long as her doctor is in agreement that walking is right for her, then the rest doesn’t have to be stressful.

Go Slow and Be Patient

You’ll want to go slowly with the walking, including both the speed at which she’s walking and with increasing the distance. The key here is to just help her to move more often rather than try to set any records out of the gate. Check in with your senior and make sure that she’s comfortable with the current stage in the plan.

Use Distractions

For many people, just walking is not all that exciting. In fact, without a little bit of distraction, walking can feel like pure drudgery. Find ways to make walking more exciting for your senior. You might try walking at a local park or walking in neighborhoods nearby rather than sticking with the same route every single time you go for a walk. The new scenery can help to draw her attention, which makes a walk seem to go faster.

Find a Few Alternatives

The best part about walking outside is getting some fresh air and taking in the scenery. Unfortunately, there’s also the weather situation to deal with now and again. Having a backup scenario in place for inclement weather is really important. Many people enjoy walking in shopping malls because they’ve got a defined path to follow and lots of people to watch. You might also consider a treadmill at home or in a gym, just as a backup.

Use the Buddy System

It’s a really good idea for your elderly family member to always use the buddy system when she’s walking. Even if she’s stable on her feet, it’s important to have someone else there just in case something should happen. Home care providers are an excellent buddy to have along on a walk because they know a lot about what your senior needs and they can respond quickly in an emergency.

As your loved one gets more and more used to walking every day, she’ll start to see so many benefits. She’ll sleep better, she’ll be able to manage her stress more readily, and she’ll improve her appetite.

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