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What Kinds of Exercise Might Your Senior Enjoy?

Senior Care in Old Bridge NJ: What Kinds of Exercise Might Your Senior Enjoy?

Senior Care in Old Bridge NJ: What Kinds of Exercise Might Your Senior Enjoy?

For some aging adults, the idea of getting more active isn’t the problem. Figuring out what that activity should be is more the issue.

Riding a Bicycle

Most people learned to ride a bike when they were kids, which can make this a really fun way to get back into exercising. If your senior isn’t interested in riding a bike in the great outdoors, stationary bicycles are an excellent alternative. Your elderly family member can control many more factors on a stationary bike, including resistance levels.


Walking is something that almost everyone can do. It doesn’t require much other than comfortable shoes and a little bit of time. Walking outside allows your aging family member to enjoy nature, but walking inside gives her a controlled environment, especially in inclement weather. Treadmills are another option and again, your senior can control factors such as speed and incline to make walking easier or more challenging.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics classes are really easy on your senior’s joints and can allow her to have a lot of fun in the water. Moving against the water increases the resistance, which makes her muscles work a little bit more. The buoyancy of the water means that your senior doesn’t have to work out in pain, though.

Swimming Laps

Not everyone likes to exercise in a group, however. If that describes your senior, she might enjoy swimming some laps in the community pool. Like water aerobics, swimming is excellent exercise for your senior, especially if she’s got joint pain or problems.

Chair Dancing

If your senior is less mobile than she might want to be, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some options. Stretches are definitely something that she can do, as is chair dancing. Turn on some fun music and make sure your senior is safe as she boogies away from her seat.


Your elderly family member might not realize that gardening, as much fun as it can be, can also be a pretty good workout. Whether she’s lifting plants or weeding flower beds, it takes a bit of muscle and movement to take care of a garden properly.


Yoga seems at first blush like a young person’s exercise, but that’s not necessarily the case. Yoga is highly adaptable and it’s very easy to modify poses to fit your senior’s unique needs. this is an excellent exercise to get your elderly family member moving in a very gentle way, especially if she needs to improve her balance.

Once you, your senior, and her doctor determine an exercise plan, sticking to it is the next part. Senior care providers can help with transportation to various activities or simply offer companionship while your elderly family member gets more active.

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