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Handy Tips for Making Senior Care Go Smoothly

Senior Care in Perth Amboy NJ: Handy Tips for Making Senior Care Go Smoothly

Senior Care in Perth Amboy NJ: Handy Tips for Making Senior Care Go Smoothly

The need for senior care cannot be ignored. Your parents may feel anxious or scared about the idea of having a caregiver in their home. It’s understandable. Here are things you can do to make sure senior care services go smoothly for you, your parents, and a new caregiver.

Make Sure Your Parent Understands What Senior Care Involves

Many seniors think of senior care as being babysat all day. That’s not the case. Make sure your mom and dad know that they’ll have a helper for the day. A caregiver is there to help them with the daily activities of living that are hard for them to complete without help.

Caregivers can be the way your parents get to stores, restaurants, and appointments. Caregivers can make appointments for them. With caregivers, they’ll have a friend to play games with, someone to cook meals, and someone to help with difficult chores like laundry.

Talk to Neighbors and Friends

See if anyone close to your parents is currently working with caregivers. If your parents have a chance to sit down and learn how senior care has improved an aging senior’s life, they’ll be more willing to realize it’s a rewarding experience. You might want to see if your parent can stop in to visit while a caregiver is there. It gives them a close look at senior care services in action.

Avoid Hand Holding

Don’t baby your mom and dad. You can be around periodically for the first day or two, but let the caregiver take the reins. The caregiver and your parents need time to form a bond. It will happen more quickly if you back off. Remember that the caregiver has your contact information and will call if there are issues.

Be Clear About Expectations

Make sure your parents know what is expected of them. They need to work with the caregiver rather than become obstinate. They need to show the caregiver how things are usually done, but they can’t get upset if the caregiver finds a more efficient way to complete a chore. They should be thankful rather than negative.

Involve Your Parents in the Planning Stages

Bring your parents with you when you go to discuss senior care services. If your parents are there to ask questions and discuss concerns, they’ll be happier with the finalized schedule. Call a senior care agency to set up a meeting with you, your parents, and the home care coordinator.

If you or an aging loved one are considering senior care in Perth Amboy, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care of New Brunswick today. Call (732) 607-8870.