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Ways to Handle the Guilt When You Can’t Provide All Of Your Mom’s Care

Senior Care in East Brunswick NJ: Ways to Handle the Guilt When You Can't Provide All Of Your Mom's Care

Senior Care in East Brunswick NJ: Ways to Handle the Guilt When You Can’t Provide All Of Your Mom’s Care

Your kids play sports and have homework every night. You have laundry to do, meals to cook before games and practices, and a full-time job. Your mom is aging at home and needs help throughout the week. You’re burning yourself out trying to do it all.

Stop overwhelming yourself. It is normal to want to be your mom’s caregiver, but it may not be possible. Don’t let guilt overwhelm you. Here are ways to handle the guilt when you cannot provide all of the senior care your mom needs.

Remember That You Can’t Give If You’re Running on Empty

If you are drained, you won’t have anything left to give your family. You need time to recharge. After a long day of work, shuttling kids around, and taking care of household chores, you need a break.

You may feel guilty not having any time left for your mom. You need to remember that if senior care professionals are helping her throughout the week, the time you spend with her will be quality time. It won’t be a rush of getting things done before time is up. You can take her out, sit down for a long, relaxed meal, or go out shopping.

Join a Support Group

You might feel all alone in your struggles to provide family care to a parent while also raising a family. You’re not. There are thousands of other people in your shoes. Join a support group and get to know others in your situation.

As you get to know others, you’ll form your own support team you can turn to when the stress gets to you. You can vent, help others, and enjoy friendship and laughter along the way.

Ask for Help

Talk to others in your family about sharing duties. If they refuse, you’ve tried. You might find others are willing to help out, but they weren’t sure what needs to get done each week.

Once you have a team of people to offer care, you can divide duties and create a schedule for everyone to follow. Post it in a place that’s easy to share, such as Google Calendar or an app for family caregivers. There are even apps that allow you to share information on the care your mom provides with other caregivers and medical professionals.

Senior Care Professionals Also Provide Companionship

Have you considered the other benefit to hiring a caregiver? Your mom gains a companion. She’ll have someone to talk to each week or even every day if you feel she needs help on a daily basis. Call a senior care agency to find out how you can hire a caregiver for your mom.

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